Fully synthetic carbohydrate-based cancer vaccines

The Boons group was the first to design, chemically synthesize and immunologically evaluate fully synthetic carbohydrate-based multi-component vaccines to overcome the poor immunogenicity of tumor-associated carbohydrate and glycopeptide antigens. A large number of carcinomas exhibits a striking overexpression of the mucin MUC1 resulting in a loss of polarization and altered glycosylation. Although it has been realized that MUC1 is one of the most attractive targets for cancer vaccine development, it has been difficult to design a vaccine candidate that can elicit relevant humoral and cellular immunity. We have designed, chemically synthesized and immunologically evaluated a range of fully synthetic compounds, which made it possible to identify the minimum requirements to consistently induce cytotoxic IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes resulting in a therapeutic response in a humanized mouse model of mammary cancer. These studies provide a firm foundation to initiate clinical studies. In addition, we have developed a method to attach in a site-specific manner cytotoxic drugs to antibodies for antibody drug development. 

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